Saturday, October 30, 2010

The last remnants of October....

I can (and probably will) say it over and over and over again, fall is my favorite time of year.  So when the end of October comes around, it makes me a little sad.   In the shop, it's time to put away the Halloween and some of the fall stuff, to prepare for the Christmas decorations. 

I'll still have a corner or two decorated for fall and Thanksgiving, but the bittersweet beauty of all things associated with fall will soon be taken over by the more vibrant colors of Christmas, which I also love.

So, I thought I'd post just a couple more pics of the fall decorations....  Oh yeah, this wonderful early 1900's dry sink was in the window for just a day or two, but is now on lay-away, waiting to be taken home by it's new owner!

Dry sink with wooden bowls and handmade pumpkins.  The box with 8 cubbies is also gone.  I love boxes!

I love this little stool.  It's sides are covered in leather.

My little handmade pumpkin with witch's hat!

I love this table, purchased from Linda and Becky at French Hen Farm!!!  I filled up a few large canning jars with oranted putkas and I love them so much, I may need to just take a jar home.  :-)  Next time we see this table, it should be all decorated for Christmas... uh oh, there's already 2 snowmen in the pic!


  1. What lovely things you have and you certainly captures my own thoughts on autumn!

  2. Lovely fall vignettes! Is this your Tea Cup Tuesday post? I didn't see a tea cup any where, did I miss it?

  3. Hi all of your pics of the shop.
    I hope to make it up there for open house. I will be sure and tell you who I am.

  4. Hi: I love your store. It looks so cute. Blessings, Martha