Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to BlogLand!

Well, I certainly didn't do a very good job of keeping up with my blog over the Holidays!  But I did spend a lot of time reading everyone else's blogs!  Everyone's so creative and I get lost reading for (many) hours!

I never know what to do with the shop in January.  Sometimes I do Valentines stuff, but it always comes on me so quickly, that I'm usually too late with any ideas.  It's too early for spring stuff (isn't it?), so I usually just try to be neutral.  Yeah, I know, neutral can be really boring.  But I've been selling lots of stuff and bringing in new things, and I've been having a good time rearranging the shop... so I thought I'd share some pics.

I found some beautiful Belleek heart shaped bowls that helped me put a little "Valentine's" spin on the glass showcase.

I think anything Victorian is always romantic!

I love this little chair.  It's been beautifully covered and has such nice legs! 

Beautiful bench made from an old bed.  It has wonderful old chippy blue paint!  I love the little cupboard sitting in the corner too.

A nice little plantation style desk, red and white coverlet, sled and a wonderful old 20 gallon crock!

I love winter and I love snow, even when it makes it hard to get around.  But I have to say I can't wait for spring this year and all the awesome sales that will be springing up.

Hope you're all keeping your spirits up and staying warm!