Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love Primitives!!

Fall is my favorite time of year and I love decorating with primitives, the more rustic the better!  My house is an eclectic mix of the same sort that you see in the shop.  Most rooms have their own look, but some have a bit of everything.

Today I thought I'd take some pictures of the primtives in the shop.  I adore this old baking cupboard.   When these cupboards were first built, they were considered the epitomy of efficiency for the modern housewife.  With lots of drawers, shelves, pull-out cutting board and plenty of room to roll out pie crusts and noodles!

I have this one filled with Rose of Sharon Candles, room sprays and tarts.

And of course, my absolutely favorite, BATTERY operated candles.  No burning the house down!

This cupboard is absolutely huge.  It's actually a cupboard TOP.  Could you imagine how big it would be with it's original bottom?  It has a slightly reddish cast to the finish, which I love!

It's filled with 1824 Candles, car fresheners and beautiful Placemats and Napkins!

I'm trying to get the shop ready for our upcoming Christmas Open House.  I really don't like to put Christmas stuff out in the shop until Halloween is over.  It's always bothered me that major retail stores rush the Holidays and completely ignore Thanksgiving, which I love.  So, when the shop is finally decorated for Christmas, it will also be decorated for Thanksgiving!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Wow this looks like a great shop!
    I see lots of needfuls in there! lol

    Thank you for stopping by my blog...hope you can visit again!

    I see that you are in place I would love to travel to!
    Oh someday!


  2. Your shop looks great! Lots of goodies!

  3. The cupboards are beautitul!
    I see a crock butter churn, pretty!