Friday, November 18, 2011

I love finding treasure in barns!

I went to a wonderful old farm auction in Thornville last weekend.  The property was incredible.  It was surrounded on three sides by Dawes Arboretum.  It was nestled on gently rolling hills with a wooded background.  Beautiful!

I wasn't able to get much furniture because prices were pretty strong.  However, almost no one seemed interested in the fun stuff hidden in the barns!  There was an awesome wooden truck gate hidden away and a pair of barn panel gates and I was the only one that wanted them!!

Here's a pic of my gates set up at the shop.  I'm waiting for a handmade Mary and Joseph to arrive so I can set up a manger.

The gates are taller than me and they're about eight feet long.  They take up a LOT of space, but I love them!   I want to wrap lights and garland around them.

I also got this old barn door hanger.  When I first saw it, it was just sitting there (upside down) like this, and I thought it had so many possibilities...

So I decided to fill it up with Christmas Goodies!!  Candy canes, poinsettias and a pair of vintage baby mittens!

I also managed to get the winning bid on one of my favorite items at the auction... an old wheel barrow (missing its sides) in original blue paint!!

My sister met me at the auction and I know she thought I was a nut, buying the most primitive pieces there!  But we had a great time together and she got some fun stuff too.

One thing that bothered me though.  There was a wonderful old buggy seat advertised to be at the sale, but when I got there, no one could find it.  They determined that it must have been stolen before the sale started.  How sad!


  1. Hi, Kim. I have Sue at Sullivan and Murphy to thank for introducing me to your blog! I'm a central Ohio blogger, so she let me know about you. I hope we can meet soon. For now I'm following you. I just went to my first auction this past weekend--what fun!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Zuni! I think it'd be awesome to get together with some like minded bloggers! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. I'm back!! I can't wait to see the manger! Please let me know when you've got it ready! And thanks for your nice comments about my Bejeweled Thanksgiving post. :)

  4. Love old barn finds!! Some of my favorites. Looks like you did well! I was told that thing with wheels was a pulley to pull rope across the barn I think they drug bales with a hook and the pulley Thanks for stopping by joined your today