Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas visitors....

I love the Nutcracker Ballet.  I've only been once, with my Mom, but wow, what a show!!  So I went to an auction this weekend and found this awesome treasure.  A giant Nutcracker!  He's even taller than me.  I'm 5'4", so he might be close to 6' tall.  He's standing in the window of the shop right now, greeting shoppers as they come in the store.

And a lovely lady came into the shop this morning with these adorable little elves for sale.  She said they once hung in an old grocery store at Christmas time.  They stand about 39" tall and I thought they were absolutely charming!!

Now to take pictures of all the wonderful furniture finds we brought home Saturday night....


  1. your nutcracker looks wonderful!!
    and those elves are adorable!
    Love them all!
    have a great week!

  2. That Nutcracker looks so dapper! He's so adorable. The items in that action couldn't get anymore Christmas-y. There's truly a lot of good finds in an auction. :)

    -Fernando Bouley