Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding More Goodies for the Shop!

We had a great Christmas Open House!  But one of the downsides is when all  your furniture starts selling and you have to come up with some new pieces rather quickly.  However, I happen to love shopping for new stuff, so I set off in search of a good auction!  Lucky for me I found one and here are some of the treasures I brought home.

This piece just kinda tugged at me.  It's an old shop display piece and it has Aunt Betty's Products printed across the top.  Not sure what's marked on the second shelf, but the bottom says Bakery.  I love it!

This wonderful old cupboard has green paint over old mustard paint.  I believe the cupboard itself is Walnut.  It is SO heavy, I have to say I'm tempted to  just take it home.

This little jelly cupboard is a nice size.  It's not very deep at all.  It has white paint over old green paint.  I think it could use a little TLC.  I like the red knobs!

This little table has so much charm.  It has layers of old paint and it's kinda sad that someone started to scrap the paint off the drawer and just quit.  It has old green and red paint under the black.

That's all for right now, but I'll share pics of more of the treasures later this week.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful!
    I really like the jelly cupboard!

    You had asked about my wallpaper
    Manufacturer is "York"
    Book"Faith hope love
    red in hallway is pattern CT1886
    mustard in dining room is pattern SM8731
    On line you can go to:

    Thanks so much for the nice comments & stopping by my blog!
    enjoy the evening,

  2. OMGoodness, what wonderful treasures. I love that display shelf/cabinet. You hit the jackpot.

  3. Oh My!! I am thinking there is a trip to OHIO in my future!! lol I love your shop and you got some really great treasures!!

    And you always have everything displayed just right!!

    Hugs to you!

  4. I want the cupboards and the table!!!! Those jelly cupboards are wonderful!!!!

  5. The green jelly cupboard that I had in the window sold today. I'm happy and sad cause now I have to find something else for the window!

  6. OMG! I have an Aunt Betty's produce shelf just exactly like that!!
    I love it! What is the chance of two of those in Union County?
    Stopped by to see you this weekend, sorry I missed you.
    Store looked great!
    Happy Thanksgiving , my friend!

  7. Love your furniture!! Your shops looks great too!!!

  8. Love all your treasures. Sure wish Texas wasn't so far away! Thanks for droppin in and leaving such a nice comment.